Sending, Receiving, Paying & Certifying

In what format should I send the document?
Office formats (Word, Excel and PPT) are preferable.  You can send PDF’s but strive to send a clear copy as any text that is unclear and/or illegible in the original may end up the same in translation. Also, illegible PDF’s require significant time to translate, which is reflected in the cost. By contrast, screen shots from websites are extremely difficult to work with and should be converted to more manageable formats.

How will I receive it back?

The translator will send you the translation back in WORD or PDF through an email attachment. A hard copy can be sent at your expense if required.

How can I pay for the translation and English editing services?

You can pay in NIS, USD or Euro through direct deposit, check or Paypal.

What about certification?

Most countries, including the United States and Israel, do not have an official certification of translation (as compared to notarization).  The current alternative is a short, signed statement of the translator added to the document testifying to its faithfulness.  Check the specific certification requirement of the body required such a seal. See full explanation. |         (972) 4 958-4188